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Priscilla "Priss" Sonoma Asagiri
Bubblegum Crisis 2032 + Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

When you start blowing up a wad of bubblegum it inflates and inflates. Eventually the bubblegum is stretched so tight around the air inside it that it reaches the "crisis" point. That is, the slightest influx of air into the bubble will cause it to pop.

Lead singer of As Sekiria, the blue Knight Saber, and now the human anti-seed of the Sotai Galatea -- the source of all boomers.

Languages Known: Fluent Japanese (default), some very limited English. Fluent in the language of the boomers; an un-named binary-like (but not actual binary) language used by Galatea when speaking with non-organics.

Height: 173cm, or 5'6.7"
Height in Hardsuit: 190cm, or 6'2.3" (including helmet fins)
Eye Color: Reddish brown. (They were red in 2032 and brown in 2040, so...)
Hair Color: Dark brown.

Activity tracker: "It's not my business. And why are you bothering to worry abou them anyway, Linna? It's not like Sylia was your friend, or Nene your sister, we just worked together. That was all that connected us."

Application: "Sylia, can you spare me the lecture this once? My life's not worth much, but it's mine to risk. If I screw up out there, I'm ready to take the fall. But if someone else gets hurt, I don't want to see that coming down on my head."

Permissions: "Let's get one thing straight, no matter what line of crap Sylia may have handed you, I'm not in this business to play super hero. There are no wings on my back."

"Then why, Priss? Why risk your life if you don't care? I would have... I mean, having done it once, I can see that it's even harder than I thought it would be, so you must have some kind of reason. Otherwise why would anyone be willing to gamble with their life this way?"

"Some of us like the risks."

Blue Hardsuit

Reconstruction Completion: 95%
Current Appearance: See GIFs above.
Current Location: With Priss.
Capabilities: It remains bonded permanently to Priss' brain. Can be moved, but not by simple human strength. Priss' hardsuit is meant for heavy face-to-face combat, and even damaged as it is from the beginnings of re-entry into earth's atmosphere, it packs more than a little punch and amplifies Priss' natural human fighting abilities a hundred-fold.


Reconstruction Completion: 0%
Current Appearance: A few pieces of red 'scrap', which arrived fused to the hardsuit. As raw boomer material from the melted Motoslave, these bits still contain the necessary data (for the Sotai) for a very slow reconstruction.
Current Location: Priss' place.
Capabilities: Presently, none.

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