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Even if I don't, I'm fucked because I live a life of sin.

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Name:Priscilla "Priss" Sonoma Asagiri
Hi, I'm Aro! Here are my alts!

I play Priss with her 2040 appearance, but with both the original and remake's plots to form her background. Because 2032 had no full-stop ending to its plot, 2040 -- a remake and retelling -- takes precedence for those few conflicts that can't be meshed together. (The source of the Great Quake, whether Mackie is a human or a boomer, who the Knight Sabers' mechanic is, Genom tower, etcetera.)

As I take her from the end of 2040, she includes Galatea's download into her mind, and all the potential ramifications thereof.

Priss is 28 as of the end of canon. She is from a cyberpunk future Earth, and her body is completely human, with no physical modifications brought about from her futuristic setting. She has, in fact, staunchly avoided modification despite boomer transplants being all the rage in 'modern' medicine.

The canon is an obscure one, these days, so here's a few video clips I took from 2040 to help with a couple key things. More can be taken and uploaded on request.

WTF is Galatea/the Sotai/are Boomers:
Warning: (non-sexual) nudity.

WTF is this about a download:
Warning: (non-sexual) nudity.

Interests (49):

ad police, akira sudou, artificial intelligence, blonde wigs, blowing shit up, boomers, brian mason, bubblegum crisis, daley wong, dr. raven, fast motorcycles, fishnets, genom, guitars, hand-cannons, hardsuits, inner-metal, kevlar lining, knight sabers, knucklebombs, largo, leather, leon mcnichol, linna yamazaki, lyrics, macky stingray, megatokyo, motorcyles, motoslaves, nene romanova, nigel kirkland, oomori kinuko, priss and the replicants, priss asagiri, railguns, red eyes, rock music, sekiria, speed-limits as suggestions, spray paint, stage glue, sylia stingray, sylvie, tacky nail-polish, the skyhook, turbines, vision, what yellow line?, yuu asakawa
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