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06/25/2016 -- action: mark i
xxxxxPriss runs into Tony Stark in Nova City.
06/27/2016 -- action: fantastic social skills all around
xxxxxGenos stalks Priss for part of a day before she busts him. Or tries to. With a pipe.
07/02/2016 -- action: low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline
xxxxxThe hardsuit melts, and Genos gets his first guitar lesson.
06/30/2016 -- video: for some reason or other I opened the door and left
xxxxxPriss puts on a small performance of Blue Confusion over the comm system.
07/03/2016 -- video: since when does america have a captain
xxxxxPriss meets Steve Rogers over the comm.
07/06/2016 -- action: until my sadness is torn to pieces
xxxxxJust a little friendly, high-speed, high-impact combat between allies.
07/28/2016 -- action: flowing blood is proof that you're alive
xxxxxGenos is a demented brave little toaster who doesn't know what 'go away' means. The start of #cyborgshaming.
09/14/2016 -- video: 2nd show
xxxxx"Free time? Lately, I drink."
09/20/2016 -- video: look, even more people to help!
xxxxxPriss meets Cole.
11/29/2016 -- action: singles night
xxxxxPriss comes out of a several-month fugue to find herself at a party. A singles mingling party.

I don't keep this updated in real-time anymore, so here's the character's game tag as well for anything I haven't added yet.

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